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Gosport park to be filled with poppies for war centenary | The Gosport Times | Gosport's only dedicated news site

News 7th February 2013

Poppies (James Pratley)

Gosport park to be filled with poppies for war centenary

By Matt Smith

Gosport councillors are planning to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I by planting poppy seeds across Alver Valley.

More than 2kg of poppy seeds could be dropped from historic aircraft during a fly-past next year as the nation commemorates the Great War’s centenary.

Gosport is a fitting setting for the act of remembrance, with 68 veterans per 1,000 people – the highest rate in the country.

Councillor Derek Kimber told theĀ Daily Mail: “Having our own Flanders Field this side of the English Channel would be wonderful.”

“I believe it’s extremely important that we don’t forget the millions of people who gave their lives from 1914 to 1918, and also those people who subsequently suffered a miserable life after fighting.”

He called the plans – part of a 15-year project to revitalise Alver Valley – an ‘exciting prospect’, although they are in their early stages.

Councillor Kimber has already had an offer of a Sopwith Pup plane to drop the seeds, but he is looking for more to take part.

Photo Credit: James Pratley (Creative Commons)

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